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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 20, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a broken windshield from an unexpected hazard. tonight a warning about objects intentionally thrown at cars from passing vehicles. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerv the most recent target was a school bus. and highway patrol is concerned this might get someone killed. how a water bottle is being used as a weapon, cristina
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rendon has the story. >> reporter: people are using water bottles and throwing them at passing vehicles. california highway patrol says it's happening on highway 12 between sebasta pool and santa rosa. so far there's been four reported cases the latest a school bus that had its side mirror blown out today. no kids were on board. but last week a bus driver was shaken up after a bottle broke the windshield glass. >> our driver had cuts from the
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glass on her arms. it's a matter of concern. >> reporter: the combined impact is close to this. a soft pitch softball coming at you traveling 85 to 100 miles per hour. >> there's very little you can do if you're just driving down the road and something like that happens. safely try to get your vehicle to a stop. >> reporter: chp is asking people to be on the look out for a mid-2000 pickup truck. they believe the person who is in that pickup truck is launching the bottles carelessly without thinking of the consequences. >> we just want to make sure that the persons responsible are caught and that they're not able to do this again because it's a dangerous to everyone on the road. >> reporter: whoever is doing this probably thinks it's a joke but it's not. and they say as soon as someone getting seriously hurt, they
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will consider serious charges. one person is dead after a shoot out that started on board an ac transit bus. it happened around 4:00 this afternoon near mcarthur and 77 avenue. two people in the car got into an accident and guns were drawn. the shooting happened outside on the street but a number of bullet holes were left on the side of the bus. no one inside the bus was hurt. one person in the fight died. he is described only as an adult male. the other gunman is still on the lose. now to san francisco where there's been another pedestrian accident. this time a cement truck. witnesses tell us it was a scary sight. ktvu's amber lee is live at the intersection of california and filmore streets where it's usually a busy place with people crossing the street. >> reporter: this is a busy spot for both foot and vehicle
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traffic. a woman was struck just steps outside the crosswalk where you see the street lights are. the driver of this cement truck tells police he never saw the woman he struck. witnesses say another driver saw the woman walk in front of the truck and yelled for the truck to stop. >> she was pinned under the first wheel. on the drive's side. >> reporter: the pedestrian was described as being an asian woman with gray spikey hair. police tell me she may have been in her 90s. >> when they heard her she was talking. from what i could see she was talking. >> reporter: police say she underwent surgery at san francisco general and is in critical condition with life threatening injuries. they have not released her identity. the truck driver declined to answer my questions but did tell me he hope she is will recover from her injuries. i asked police if the driver will be sited. >> based on our current investigation the driver did not do anything to violate
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code. so there's no reason to cite him. >> reporter: merchants and residents in this area say jaywalking is common. it did not take us long to see people walking between cars and not using crosswalks that are close by. >> people are always coming in and out of their cars and crossing the street where it's convenient for them as opposed to the crosswalk. >> i don't want anyone else to go through this. >> reporter: jones says she suffered serious injuries four years ago when she was walking south of market and was struck by a vehicle. she says the accident will hopefully serve as a reminder for people to be aware of their surroundings. >> i see people just walking into the middle of the street, biking, recklessly driving, but we're all connected. whenever we're moving we need to be looking out. >> reporter: there's been four pedestrians killed so far this year. he's urging everyone to be
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extra careful. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. in downtown san francisco a safety investigation is being conducted after scaffolding collapsed today seriously injuring two construction workers. the men were helping build a high rise. tonight all work on a building has been stopped. investigators say the workers were 30 to 50 feet high up on the scaffolding and were attached by harnesses. the two workers were taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. cal osha arrived about an hour later. they said the work site will remain closed tomorrow. the 30 story building is going to be the new headquarters for sales the fbi is trying to track down a man described as a violent fugitive kevin anthony briggs was seen in san francisco, berkeley and oakland last week. authorities say he is a
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convicted felon and registered section offender. briggs is wanted in connection with an assault of a woman and police officer in montana. authorities hope someone will see him and provide a tip. a martinez woman who was arrested this week for allegedly killing her own mother is now facing murder charges. 53-year-old christie lee was in court today. she is being held on $1 million jail. the coroner's deputy said autopsy reports show her mother 74-year-old southwick died of multiple blunt force injuries. southwick called 911 on sunday confessing she had killed her mother and wanted to turn herself in. continuing coverage on the bryan stow case. today in a packed courtroom the two men who violently beat and
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disabled stow heard their fate. the judge sentenced them earlier today. as noelle walker tells us, one of stow's sister told the attackers they got off easy. >> reporter: in a los angeles county courtroom the wheels of justice moved forward as bryan stow's family looked in the rear-view mirror. >> late in the evening in the dark at dodger stadium was cowardly -- what you did late in the evening in the dark at dodger stadium was cowardly. >> reporter: today in court his family pulled no punches. >> because of your actions bryan can't go to the bathroom by himself. he can't shower by himself, he has to wear adult diapers. and i hate having to even say
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that outlout but it shows the severity of what you did. >> the time you serve is insignificant compared to what bryan must endure. however the years you spend in prison is what you credence deserve. >> reporter: marvin norwood got four years for assault. and-- eight years. and a scolding by the judge. >> you're smiling you think it's funny. >> i envy those people who can forgive those who commit acts of violence against their loved ones. i'm here to say i'm not one of those people. >> reporter: coach and musician
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todd flattery continues to hold benefit concerts. he says today's sentence will not stop the concerts. >> bryan stow is still in need of financial help and rehabilitation. >> reporter: the judge pointed out these men will be free one day but bryan stow is certaining a life sentence. >> reporter: so with credit for time served and good behavior defendant marvin norwood has already served his four year sentence. that doesn't mean he's going home right away. he could still face federal charges of being a felon in possession of firearms. live in the newsroom, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. an alameda county judge fined internet retailer almost $4 million after determining the retailer had lied about how much customers saved. district attorneys in eight california counties joined the lawsuit. the judge found overstock posted compareson prices that were not always accurate giving
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shoppers the idea they were getting bigger bargains than they actually received. the big power ball winner has still not come forward. officials say they're waiting for someone to claim the $425 million prize. as we told you last night that lucky ticket only one was sold and it happened to be at a gas station in milpitas. today a lottery official presented the station for $1 million for selling that winning ticket. it actually turns out that the owner of the station left on vacation before the winning ticket was announced. he wanted a little piece and quiet and he left his cell phone with his son. >> the reason why he wanted me to handle all the business is because he was on the trip. so he gave me the phone. >> the winning ticket could pay $425 million over three years or a lump sum of $250 million but of course that's before federal taxes are factored in. here's a look again at those winning numbers, one, 17, 35,
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49, 54 and the power ball number is 34. the last big winner didn't check his ticket for more than two weeks. more details now on the day's leading up to last night's drawing. lottery officials say people in california bought 10.3 million tickets. about 4 million of those were sold right here in the bay area. a portion of lottery proceeds comes back to the community in the form of funding for public education. lottery officials say that amounted to about $1.28 billion last year or a little more than 1 percent of all public education funding in the state. more and more people are ripping up their lawns. the incentives entizing homeowners to change their yards. plus brisk mornings and sunny afternoons. how long you'll be able to enjoy this mild weather. next he's pro-choice and
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he is 40 years old, a republican and he has never run for elected office before. but he wants to be the next governor of california. so who is neil castari? ktvu's jana katsuyama on the newcomer who met with student republicans this evening. >> reporter: tonight the jacket came off as neil castari met
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students. the former aero space engineer now gop candidate launched into a stump speech. we caught him earlier at san francisco's golden gate park. 40years old, born in ohio to a professor and doctor from india. he is pro-choice, prosame-sex marriage rights and voted for barack obama in 2008. >> i'm socially libertarian. i just want the government out of our lives and i want each of us to decide what's right for ourselves and our family. >> reporter: he says he wants to be the face of a new republican party. >> the republican party has been viewed as the party of no. the party of obstructionism. maybe the party of big business. i think it should be the party of big work fighting for the poor but not with more welfare. >> reporter: critics might say he's -- he works for golden and
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sachs. he says it was a success that came with a lesson. >> popularity was irrelevant. what we had to do was the right thing for the country. and it worked. we protected the taxpayers, got all the money back. so that had a permanent effect on me. it thought me go the right thing. >> reporter: he loves twitter and all the other social media sites but focuses on policy and education. he is a big opponent of high speed rail. which he call it is crazy train. so does he think that meg whitman has failed. >> when i went to graduate school i took out $100,000 in loans and i thought how am i going to pay all that back. >> reporter: as far as his head, he shaved it after graduating from school.
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>> i shaved it off as part of the race. we were going to be on the road for months and i liked it. >> jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, in addition to kashkari, the only other candidate is tim donelly. governor brown has not confirmed whether he will try for another term and no democrat has come forward to challenge him. court workers were demonstrating against what they call the fashion police. the union workers are upset with the way an employee dress code is being enforced. they chanted don't hate we look great. the union says some managers at the courthouse are harassing people about what they wear to work. >> we're not about fighting the dress code. we're fighting the harassment that has been given to
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employees about how their dressed. >> reporter: workers say the policy is not uniformly enforced and they say that some employees are being singled out for intimidation. managers at the courthouse say they just want employees to look professional. a junior golf coach filed into the courtroom. nisbeth is charged with 75 counts of child molestation. he ran a junior court academy in livermore and had ties to young golfers around the world. police are now looking for other possible victims. he's being held without bail and returns to court next month. seattle seahawks lynch is set to enter a guilty plea in oakland tomorrow. lynch's attorney announced the bill today on a lesser charge for a 2012 drunk driving arrest. he says prosecutors must
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believe they don't have a strong enough defense. lynch will have to take a safe driving class and pay a fine. edward suzes is at the corner of west mcarthur. there were several shootings outside the bar last year. neighbors had complainedded about noise and rowdy behavior. barbara parker today announced a deal with owners that includes security guards, a permanent ban on unruly patrons and a curfew. ktvu's robert handa reports, the emts and paramedics received credit for a course but never took the class. >> reporter: schedules are being revamped and hiring accelerated after the national
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ambulance company suddenly fired 24 emergency responders. 13 paramedics and 11emts were let go wednesday. jill jamie is being investigated for issuing certification cards without conducting the required session. they forced about 100 workers to taeug another course. a company spokesman in california said the people fired had also violated other policies. >> they were based upon previous disciplinary matters. >> reporter: rural metro says it understand public concern but pointedded out it had 350 paramedics and emts. and the people lost will be covered by overtime until the vacancies are filled. >> we have provisions in the contract for over time make sure that people don't work too much overtime. >> reporter: through an
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attorney joe janie declined to comment. >> we are now going to start the measure of auditing on external. >> reporter: in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. . mild out there right now, it's 49 in santa rosa. 50 in oakland and 50 in half- moon bay. overnight lows are going to end up in the mid- and upper 30s. we might everyone find a little bit of patchy fog tomorrow morning which is pretty typical for this time of year. 40 in livermore, 40 in antioch. cloud cover tomorrow, here we are at 10:00 tonight. here we go into tomorrow morning. no clouds. here we go into tomorrow afternoon. a few clouds and that's your day. daytime highs on friday are going to be a lot like what we
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had today. upper 60s and low 70s. as we move into the bay area weekend. thins stay pretty warm. we'll talk about that and as we move into next week we have rain to talk about. i'll have all that back here at 10:45. we're following breaking news. coming up after the break. late word of a homicide investigation that's under way right now. in three minutes it was the sight of a deadly accident. the big safety change that's coming to this intersection. >>
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one of the best things is that millions of peopleia will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at we have breaking news from san jose. one person has been shot and killed. we got the call about 9:00 tonight. right now we have a ktvu crew giving us a live picture from pine ridge way and clayton road in east san jose. you can see the police there have the streets blocked off. at this point we're waiting for police to brief us on exactly
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what happened. but again, what we know right now is that there has been a homicide in east san jose at pine ridge and clayton as we get more information we will be sure to bring it to you. also in san jose major chuck reid gave his final state of the city address. >> my top priority will be improving public safety and quality of life for our residents. >> reporter: mayor reid said he would do that by improving police response times and homelessness. mayor reed has -- and is vowing to make every day count. ktvu's mike mibach tells us
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why the city chose a round about to fix a traffic problem. >> reporter: a thursday hot spot filled with fruits, flowers, veggies and more. >> we get vegetables cheaper than usual. >> reporter: walking straight across this busy stretch is one way to get there. >> all right, thank you very much for stopping. >> reporter: tonight we found gilbert trying to do just that. >> will these guys stop? stopping. >> reporter: tomorrow the same spot, different circumstance. >> you see how these splitter islands allow the pedestrians to have a refuge area. >> reporter: that echoes the comments of the architect that
11:27 pm
designed the plan. the round about was in the works the prior to december's deadly accident. the final concept plan was approved just days later. as for those folks who cross the street to get to if market or the auditorium. they say the round about will be a welcomed sight. >> there's a lot of accidents in this intersection. it's going to be a better idea than a stoplight. >> reporter: the city says it will break ground on the project before the end of the month. location location location. look at this the 13-year-old set up her table selling girl scout cookies right in front of
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the green cross dispensary. and they said she sold out of her cookies in 45 minutes. the girl scouts issued a statement. a video from the front lines in kiev gone viral. see how soci
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rich green grass, once a staple of front yards, a number of people are deciding to lose
11:31 pm
their lawns all together. as rob roth reports, there are incentives encouraging people to make a change. >> it consumes a lot of water. >> then take the flagstone path that starts there. >> reporter: this couple put in their lawn just three years ago and now they say they plan to rip it out. >> we shouldn't be using more water just to keep our lawn green. it doesn't sit well with me. >> reporter: the homeowners say 2/3 of their water goes to keeping their lawn green. the homeowners say it doesn't only make sense to lose their lawns but the sensible thing to do as well. >> we're trying to be as kind as we can to our environment. >> reporter: the homeowners here aren't the only one makes this kind of change. we called the water district who told us the number of people who are ripping out their lawns have quadrupled over this time last year. the water agency has an
11:32 pm
incentive program that pays $1 for every square foot of lawn that is replaced with low water using landscapes. last summer 47 people took advantage. this summer has climbed to 149. and the month still isn't over. january had similar increases. >> there's a lot of people going in this direction now. >> reporter: the direction of synthetic surf. it needs no water. muller says more and more customers are replacing their existing lawns with it or tolerable landscape. >> we don't know where the waters are going to be at this point in time. >> reporter: this couple is planning on replacing their lawn are rose bushes, plants and flagstone. they say it will lighten the water bill and it will be less work to maintain. >> it'll give me part of my weekend back. >> they say the green should be gone by april. >> reporter: in san rafael, rob roth, ktvu news. thousands of service workers at the university of california say they plan to go
11:33 pm
on strike in 10 days. members of the union already staged two walk outs last year. the union says the food workers and custodians are the lowest paid in the system and that a majority of them are actually eligible for public assistance. and they want raises as a result. the strike is planned for five days starting march 3rd unless a new contract is reached. covered california says it's online enrollment function has crashed. the health marketplace says it happened yesterday and engineers are now working to fix the problem. covered california says it hopes to be back online this morning. covered california says 829,000 people had signed up for individual policies through the first two weeks of february. now to continuing coverage of the crisis in ukraine. it didn't take long for the truce in kiev to end. police opened fire on protesters. a doctor with a protesters said
11:34 pm
at least 70 people possibly as many as 100 were killed. the government put the number at 39. members of the opposition captured dozens of police officers, some were later released. the european union imposed sanctions on those believed to be responsible for the violence and the u.s. is threatening to do the sail. if you check social media today, you may have seen video direct from the front lines of those protests in ukraine. >> many of those images from war zones can arrive unfiltered but that doesn't mean unbiased. patti lee tells us about one video in particular that is going viral. patti. >> reporter: that video shows a new sophistication when it comes to using social media. not just for sharing information but shaping an agenda and a political message. >> we want to be -- >> reporter: this video is a cry for help from a ukrainian protester who makes her agenda
11:35 pm
clear. the presentation is far cry from the every man photos shared on social media cries just a few years ago. when the unprecedented use of twitter and facebook during international up risings appeared to harold a new era of reporting. professors with this journalism school mixer are leery that biased sources of information will be perceived as absolute truth. >> with video you can edit it. shot value can be manipulated. >> reporter: they say they can be a credibility gap where news can be shared instantly around the world. >> i think a lot of people think that social media is news. and i think that that can be scary to a degree. >> reporter: for professor david toller the issue is neither black or white. he questions what is worse? being denied access to events in the ukraine as in the past
11:36 pm
or having to wade through propaganda. >> whether it's journalism, there's a lot of discussions one can have about that. but it's certainly putting information out into the sphere which is one of the home work of journalism. >> reporter: getting this video to go viral was a priority and the that -- narrator flat out asked people to share it so that it can get out. live in berkeley, patti lee, ktvu news. >> on our facebook page we have posted that viral video from ukraine. go to ktvu channel 2 on facebook and join the conversation. temperatures reaching 70 in february. how long you'll have to enjoy
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developing news tonight, police say four people are dead and eight critically injured after a tribal shooting inside the cedarville rancheria. police arrested a 44-year-old woman in connection with the case. investigators say she opened fire during a hearing about evicting her and her son from their home on tribal land. according to reports, when she ran out of ammunition, she grabbed a knife then stabbed another person. golden state warriors have tougher security in today's game at oracle arena. police are now patrolling with
11:40 pm
bomb sniffing dogs. >> we did this for the game last year, it's very successful and we do it for the nfl games. >> reporter: the move which started tonight is part of a growing trend of tighter security in sporting trend. a controversial plan to build a giant crude oil rail terminal in pittsburgh is -- oil rail terminal in pittsburg is now a concern. the city manager asked this week that based on public comments and opposition the city is ordering a new environmental review followed by a new public comment period not clear how long it'll take. the petaluma slaughter house involved in a meat recall is changing hands. rancho feeding is being purchased by marin son's farm. marin's founder said he felt it was necessary because the
11:41 pm
petaluma slaughter house was the first in the area. and the his first order of business he says will be to clean it up. they recalled 9 million pounds of meat because some of it may have come from diseased cow. wall street was back in the plus column today. nasdaq added 29 and the dow was up 92 points. the bay area grocery chain mi pueblo is getting a big loan to help it out of bankruptcy. mi pueblo is based in san jose and has 98 stores catering to latino shoppers. the company should return to profitability soon said mi pueblo owner. bill martin is fine tuning his bay area forecast. see when we can expect a [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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parents buckle up children into car seats but what about pets? a seat belt is often the link between life and death. we look at whether products make good on their promise to protect our best friends. >> reporter: walkco is speaking about seeing this for the first time. a pet almost decapitated. despite being in a harness her dog maggie was almost killed in a car crash. >> i want to make sure these
11:45 pm
products do their job. >> reporter: she hired researchers to design special crash test dummy dogs and replicate a violent head on wreck. watch in slow motion, on this harness the wreck launches the dog off the seat. in real life when pets go projectile, jennifer pittman has seen the effects. they checked 11 brands that claim to be tested. four harnesses pulled apart so easily they didn't bother with the dummy dogs. in crash testing only one brand called the sleepy pod kept small, medium and large dogs in
11:46 pm
place. this dummy represents a 75- pound golden retriever. other harnesses can still serve a purpose. >> the majority of the products that you will find on the market are strictly distraction prevention tools. >> reporter: this harness is solely designed to keep the dog away from the driver. in a crash, it's no help. >> let's go for a ride sam. >> reporter: martha rose has been strapping her dogs in for six years after what happened to her then rottwiler puppy with the window down. >> she jumped out and fell on her knee and shattered it. >> reporter: it's not been formally tested. only one in five drivers surveyed by triple a even bothers retraining their dog on the car. >> how can you drive around with your animal not being in a seat belt and protected? i don't understand it. >> reporter: the national highway safety add -- administration says it has no
11:47 pm
plans to render claims. gasia mikaelian, ktvu channel 2 news. and on we will are posting the test results for each harness. the washington postsays the copounder of apple is one of several people who will be featured on a postage stamp next year. jobs died more than two years ago. the exact design of the stamp isn't known yet. some of the others getting stamps are john lennon, janice joplin, and harvey milk. special lighting is being installed at the remember them champion for humanity statute in oakland's neighborhood. 25 civil rights activists are depicted including rosa parks,
11:48 pm
harvey milk and cesar chavez. in addition to providing more security the lighting will add a new dimension to the bronze sculpture. >> sometimes it's very still. if it comes comes on you know someone else is here with you. pretty warm out there today. temperatures got up there. we saw 60s everyone some low 70s. take a look at the highs near your house or close to your house. 71 in santa rosa. that was one of the warmer spots. 70 in fairfield and tomorrow's temperatures take a look and just kind of push them into tomorrow. because numbers are going to be pretty similar. you see all the clouds out there not organized so it's just high clouds, drifting around the area. nothing is going to really impact us. in terms of rainfall through the week edge. the winds are slightly calm out there. that's going to set us up with
11:49 pm
some potential valley fog. winds die down and grounds still kind of moist. we have a good shot for valley fog. winds are 9 miles per hour in san francisco and reports are pretty calm. look for patchy fog when you get going tomorrow morning. partly cloudy out there tonight. mostly clear, partly cloudy kind of a thing. we got temperatures out there right now that are in the 40s and even some low 50s. so it's pretty nice. the mostly warm weather will continue tomorrow. here we have san francisco and san jose. we have the forecast for both cities. we're looking at a cool start in the mid-40s. mid-60s as you head into late afternoon hours. san jose right now you're 53 degrees. as we head into tomorrow. san jose you wake up cool. mid- and low 40s. lunchtime it's already 65 and right up to 70 degrees. nice day, it's your friday. nice looking friday throughout the area. friday, saturday, sunday it's dry, it's nice because of this
11:50 pm
high pressure center. this high pressure center moves next week. we're pushing forward to next week because this is a good shot for the bay area. wednesday, thursday, friday of next week. it'll move around a little bit. but the pattern will make a major shift around tuesday night, wednesday of next week. we're looking forward to that. in the meantime, you're just looking at the same graphic there we go. you can see the computer model and i'm showing you all the clouds up here. now we're in saturday, now we're in sunday. nothing going on. a little bit of fog showing up at the coast. next system is going to chop down that drift and sets up for potential for rain next week. it's a long way off i know. 70 in san jose. these are forecast highs for your friday. friday this week. they all seem to be fine. i don't know what that's about. i think as i get older they flow by. in the earlier newscast i thought, it's friday. not friday it's thursdays. for all intents and purposes.
11:51 pm
>> another week there you go. >> thanks, bill. >> all right. more than 150,000 beautiful visitors from all over the world are in san francisco this weekend. that's the estimated number of orchids at the annual orchid exposition. runs saturday and sunday. they look beautiful. >> so pretty. the thriller for the warriors tonight. >> just finished a couple of minutes ago and the warriors well, a lot of people tell you that the most entertaining team in the nba although not always the most success. they were both on national tv versus the rockets. and you wondered what happened to -- now available for
11:52 pm
birthdays. the halftime show. and getting into the hands of seth curry. it's tied with 3.2 seconds left. houston not able to score with the remaining second. but they go to overtime. golden state up one 24.8 seconds left. germane o'neil denied. parson see it again. key defensive play right there. free throws seal it up for the warriors in the final moment. steph curry at 25 points. 102-99 they pull it out. could be a preview of tonight's final. lebron 33 points. tonight check him out, he is injured on this particular play as he driving into obaka. he left the game, did not come back. but he comes back over the o's.
11:53 pm
lebron will be all right. basketball not a contact sport, ask lebron ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get 10% off all in-stock composite decking at lowe's. ♪
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a little bottom feeding
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opportunity for the stanford cardinals tonight and they take full advantage of the trojans down on the farm. they also have to tough it out. dwight powell goes down hard. the two didn't stay out long. that's bad news for usc as they will make it. rather easily to the tune of 80 put it down 59. st. maries have beaten usf 17 consecutive times leading back to 1996. and first half activity a 21-5 run. usf up 10 at half never looked back at 16 off the break.
11:57 pm
tollenson three players had 16 points. 73-62, don ending the 17 game losing streak. the other local motion. santa clara in a blow out over pacific. the broncos win it by 20. 70-50 and that is the sporting life. warriors victorious in over time. >> that was an exciting game. >> it was great. >> we showedded that last highlight it was actually a defensive play which usually don't connect with the warriors but o'neil's black shot really keyed that overtime victory. so good news for them. good news it was on national tv. so everybody got a glimpse. >> lots of people are talking about the warriors. >> we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> right now we're working to learn more about that homicide we told you about in san jose this evening. we'll have the latest on that coming up on the ktvu morning
11:58 pm
news beginning at 4:30. you can always follow us any time on facebook, twitter, and ktvu apps. have a
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> a naked internet selfie has gone viral. supposedly of emma stone. emma stone says it's not emma stone. >> it looks like her. >> i just pulled up a photo right now of emma at the airport the other day holding a cell phone. looks the same. >> it's the same phone. >> diddy and drake are both performing "worst behavior," which is drake's song. drake's microphone goes bad and he decides to grab diddy's microphone.


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